Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maintaining clear skin after curing acne

When you first start with getting rid of your acne, you may go through many products and dermatologists before you end up with a solution that works for your acne.

If you are like most acne sufferers, you will probably have a whole drawer full of acne products that didn't work. I really think that we should somehow recycle all of those products. Maybe somehow send those off to the next person for trial and error.

Small problems with acne can usually be fixed with over the counter products. Moderate to severe acne usually requires prescription medication or more aggressive treatments. If you don't make some major changes, you will have issues getting rid of acne.\

In, Aaron describes how he took on his severe cystic acne and completely cured it using natural methods. Yes you read that right, no dermatologist office visits, no prescription medication or over the counter acne products, just all plain natural stuff. The biggest factor in getting rid of his severe acne was a diet change. You are what you eat is not just an expression.

Acne is caused by bacteria and sugar feeds bacteria. So if your diet consists of a lot of sugar, you are literally feeding your acne so it can stay around longer. If you want more info on what Aaron has done and the changes he has made, check out is 6 step process for yourself at Aarons Acne Cure