Thursday, September 04, 2008

Acne cure that worked for teen with serious acne

Every time I watch one of those diet commercials that have before and after photos, I always think that somehow someone doctored up some photos or even took photos of two different people to show.

But, when I see the photos at a site that claims there is a cure for acne,, I can visibly see that the photos are definitely taken of the same person and the acne is definitely gone after the cure.

I encourage you to check out the site on your own and try out the cure that worked for Aaron. This cure is not simple and does not happen overnight (as many over-the-counter acne treatments claim) It took time, patience and about 8 months to get rid of a very bad, cystic acne that was getting worse by the day.

The cure is spelled out in 6 steps and the whole process cost Aaron around $50 or so. He didn't need any expensive prescriptions from a dermatologist or any over-the-counter acne products or 3-step products. The cure is completely natural and involves making changes that effect the underlying cause of acne.

Don't take my word for it, see the photos.