Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Resistant Acne

When do you know that you have resistant acne? Probably a tip off is that no acne products work.

Many dermatologists skip all the typical products and treatment for acne and go right to prescribing Accutane for their patients.

Until you get to the root cause of acne, treating the symptoms seems quite useless. Just like Accutane, as soon as you stop using the product or any other product, the acne just comes right back. And it usually comes back much worse than before.

Some researchers have concluded that it is the abundance of yeast in the body that is at the root cause of acne. Maybe teen agers, who are more susceptible to breakouts, have an overabundance of yeast in their body--could be related to all the hormone changes etc.

If you take anti-biotics for your acne, you will be killing the yeast/bacteria, but you will also be killing all the good bacteria in the body.

So, if drugs don't really cure acne, perhaps a complete change in diet along with some key supplements will help in the long run.