Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Reality of Acne

Two realities about acne:  it stinks and it will affect us several times during our lifetime.

Most teenagers suffer some form of acne- whether mild, moderate or severe, between the ages of 12-20.  Many adults still experience acne problems throughout their 20's and 30's

The reality is that we need to address and treat acne so that it can minimized and eliminated. Various treatment options include over the counter face creams, face washes and acne treatment gels.

Other more intense options include going to the dermatologist and getting prescription medications for treatment.  Some of these options include side effects and not all treatments are successful. 

In short, if you suffer from acne, a great natural treatment, one that is very different that using any type of medication, is available and online for you to read about.  See how a teenager took acne on and won the fight- for permanent results.  And it all costs less that about $100. See  Natural Acne Treatment.

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Pearly Craig said...

I agree. And one of most devastating effects of acne is low self-esteem. This alone is enough reason to seek acne new treatment.