Monday, October 30, 2006

Using Over the Counter Medication for Acne

Simple Solutions for Acne

If you deal with acne every day, you may be very frustrated when you look at all the products and solutions available for acne today. Many companies are coming out with these 'systems' to treat acne. They include a cleanser, toner and some sort of cream for direct application to the acne.

If you find one of these systems to treat your acne, you might just need to use one of the products included in the system. Then when you have used all of that product and need a new bottle, you end up having to buy the whole system again.

I have discovered this with several different systems.

So, instead of buying these systems for acne, maybe your best bet is any over the counter acne cream or gel. I have found that some products work just as well or even better than the products sold in the systems.

When in doubt, just try a small tube or bottle of basic acne treatment that you buy at the drugstore.